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Meet the Band

Timmy D aka Tim Donaldson and Tim the Blind Man
One night at the age of 9, Timmy D skipped dinner in order to relentlessly practice 3 chords on a guitar that was bigger than him. Why? So he could perform them later that night in his church's band. D, E, and G may have been forever ruined for his parents, but it was an early sign of the merciless dedication that would follow him throughout his musical and professional careers. An insatiable desire to get more out of music led Timmy from the church into the loving arms of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Since he joined his first rock band at age 17, Timmy has been establishing himself as one of the best guitar players and entertainers that Central Illinois has to offer. In more than 30 years of performing, he has played in more than 6 projects, including Willard Cratchelow and The No Secret Band. After No Secret disbanded, Timmy decided it was time to start his own band.

He found a rhythm section too young to know any better, called on long-time friend Dr. Roger Lee to play keys, and started Timmy D and Blind Justice. Right away, Blind Justice has demonstrated a special kind of chemistry that ensures Timmy D won't be going anywhere for a long, long time.

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Dr. Roger Lee aka Roger Prillaman
Dr. Lee may be the most well-known keyboard player in the area, but no one knows him as Dr. Roger Lee. For more than 30 years, he has been gracing the stage as "Todd Modern" with Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets. Self-taught by banging along with TV jingles from age 2, Dr. Roger was born to play rock organ. He started his first band, This Side Up, when he was 14.

Since then, he's played with many bands and has even made appearances with Timmy D in new wave sensation The Edge. When Timmy D approached him about a new project, it felt a little bit like cheating, but he sat in on a rehearsal. One turned into 2, 2 into 3, and before long he was fully ensconced. "Todd Modern" isn't going to be able to keep "Dr. Roger Lee" a secret for much longer.

Big Ben aka Ben Donaldson
What would you expect from the second son of Timmy D? It shouldn't be surprising, given the musically inclined family in which he was raised. But his raw skill and power behind the kit have left people wondering if perhaps he's the "talented" Donaldson.

He's independent, rowdy, and uncontrollable with laser-like focus and clock-like precision that earned him the nickname "Big Ben." Listening to Ben mature as a musician throughout high school, Timmy D was always keenly aware of what Ben was able to do on the throne. It wasn't until No Secret broke up that he became aware that he had the drummer he always dreamed of in his own family.

David " Rock Head" Cohen
Dave is a sax player who has always wanted to be a rock star, but it's hard to start a rock band with your buddy if the instruments at your disposal are a saxophone and a violin. So Dave convinced his buddy to ditch violin and buy a guitar like a real musician. It turns out sax/guitar isn't much better for rock and roll than sax/violin, so Davewas convinced to pick up the bass.

Through formal and informal training, Dave was soon playing with many bands and a handful of jazz combos. More than a few of these projects involved Big Ben and his brother, Nick, so when it came time to find a bass player for Blind Justice, Dave was a natural choice.

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